18 July 2009

Watu Lari Land Dispute Media Reports

Uartu Lari Land Dispute 7 September 2004 Timor Post The newspaper reports that the Office of President, Xanana Gusmao said that a letter was recieved from the head of the village of Tebabui, sub-district of Bobonaro, about complaints over five PNTL members in that area.

According to the newspaper report in the four-page letter, the leader of the community, Vicente da Cruz, said that four members of PNTL and their commander stationed in that area beat nine members of that village.

Mr da Cruz described the incident in detail in the letter, and a copy was also sent to the National Parliament, to the National Police Commissioner, Paulo Martin, and the Minister of Interior, Rogirio Lobato.

Meanwhile the Police Commissioner Paulo de Fatima Martins said, "If it is proven that those police officers have acted wrongly and violently against members of the community, strict measures will be taken against them."

The incident was caused by a land dispute when members of Lora community occupied a piece of land that belongs to Tebabui on August 13.

Land Dispute in Uato Lari Settled Suara Timor Lorosae 26/02/2001 The long-drawn land dispute in Uato Lari sub-district in Viqueque involving prime paddy land was solved peacefully yesterday. The dispute involved Henrique de Carvalho, the Chefi Suco of Afaloikai and Mateus Amaral also from Afaloikai.

Both parties signed a memorandum of understanding at the Uato Lari Church. Arbitration in the land dispute was carried out by the Uato Lari Mediation Team and CNRT. On the other hand, the Land and Property section of UNTAET, together with CivPol and Yayasan Hak were observers.

Deadlock Broken in Viqueque Land Dispute 23/02/01 http://www.un.org/peace/etimor/DB/Db230201.htmAn historic agreement will be signed tomorrow, 24 February, between two groups involved in a long and complex land dispute in Uato Lari sub-district, Viqueque district. The signing marks the starting point of a reconciliation process aiming at ending the dispute, which dates back to the 1940s.

The disputed land is an area approximately the size of Dili, ideal for rice cultivation. The two conflicting groups are occupying two separate parts of the land and are both laying claims to the entire area.

The conflict stems from political and cultural rivalries between two ethnic groups, the Makassae and Naweti. While the agreement is a community based initiative, UNTAET’ Land and Property Department plays an important part as observers and advisers.

The reconciliation process was initiated by representatives from East Timorese human rights NGO Yayasan HAK and the Justice and Peace Commission.

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