17 July 2009

21/03/2005 Makeshift shelters pulled down in Dili

Makeshift shelters pulled down in Dili 21/03/2005 Suara Timor Lorosa'e- Approximately 100 makeshift shelters erected by vendors along the Coconut Beach Road were pulled down last Friday following orders from the Dili District Administration.

The operation was carried out by officers from the Dili District Sanitation Department and involved the national police.

Vendors interviewed by STL expressed their disappointment at the government action, as they have not been assigned any other place to sell their goods. Some said that if the government continues to limit their options in making a living, then it is the same as leaving them and their families to starve.

Dili District Administrator Ruben Braz de Carvalho said that the shelters spoiled the attractiveness and cleanliness of the city. According to Carvalho, more of these actions are planned for other makeshift shelters in Dili.

Approximately 20 of the vendors took their case to the National Parliament on Friday, upset and angry by the actions of the Dili District Administration. Speaking of the current economic situation as critical, the vendors said that destroying their shelters by putting holes in their tin and canvas roofs was inconsiderate. Member of Parliament from Commission A, Vicente Faria, said that the Parliament would speak to the Dili District Administration regarding the case.

Note: Administrative evictions in Timor-Leste are effected under section 8 of Law No 1 of 2003 Juridical Regime of Real Estate Part 1 - Ownership of Immovable Property (pdf file)

Image: Map showing Dili District and Sub-Districts, Timor-Leste

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