17 July 2009

10/12/2005 Baucau Land Dispute

Media Monitoring 10-12 December 2005 TVTL reported on Friday that some 25 students have temporarily stopped going to their schools and moved to the military camp in Baucau, due to a land dispute problem between the villages of Bahu and Buibau, in Baucau.

These students originally come from Bahu village and are unable to attend school because they were reportedly being threatened by the people from the village of Buibau.

Raimundo Xavier Lakuani, spokesperson for the Internal Displaced People, at the military camp in Baucau reportedly told journalists that PNTL Baucau District Commander was not neutral in this issue because he was alleged to have backed the villagers from Buibau.

Lakuani further alleged that Baucau District Coordinator of FRETILIN party, Joao Capristao (Ajino) also involved. He appealed to the leaders to find the solution to enable their return to their homes.

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