18 July 2009

2004 Executive Eviction of Mario Viegas Carrascalao by Fretilin Government

Executive Eviciton of President of the Social Democratic Party Mario Viegas Carrascalao Suara Timor Loro Sa'e 09/09/2004 The Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said that the government will not withdraw its decision on the house that used to be occupied by Eng Mario Viegas Carrascalco, the Timor-Leste former governor during the Indonesian times, and that it cannot be interfered with by anybody.

The Prime Minister said that the court can make any decision they wish, but the government's decision cannot be interfered. (Decision taken by the Government to evicted the former governor out of the residence in Farol).

The newspaper reports that the house is currently being rehabilitated for government use, even though is it under legal dispute in Dili District Court. Meanwhile the Deputy Director of Legal Assistance Foundation Liberta, Benevides Correia Barros, said that while a house or land is in dispute or seized, it should not be occupied and rehabilitated until a final court's decision. He said that legally, before a court makes a final decision, nobody is allowed to occupy or have the rights over a house.

Government Failed to Evict Mario Carrascalao 21/07/2003 Timor Post, TVTL The Government failed to evict Mario Viegas Carrascalao from his house in Farol on Friday, reported Timor Post on its front page on Saturday. According to TP the Department of Justice claims that Carrascal√£o failed to submit requested documents within a period of time as specified by the government to remain in the house identified as belonging to the State.

According to the media a temporary agreement was reached by telephone between Minister of Justice Domingos Sarmento and Carrascal√£o to remain in the house. Meanwhile Carrascalao said that he submitted a letter with four proposals to the government but had not received a reply and instead was faced with the eviction. He said he would take the matter to the court and will obey whatever the court rules.

Former Governor Evicted 30/07/2003 The Sydney Morning Herald reports that in Dili, East Timorese police have evicted the President of the Social Democrat Party and former governor under the Indonesian occupation, Mario Carrascalao. Mr Carrascalao had lived in the property as his home for 22 years. Mr Carrascalao described the Government's action as an act of political persecution.

The Government had abandoned a previous attempt to evict the 66 year old veteran of East Timorese politics after negotiations with the Department of Justice Land and Property Directorat. He failed, however, to prevent the latest heavy-handed actions of the Government.

Mr Carrascalao's house was surrounded by 50 policemen at dawn on 28 July and a crowd of angry supporters soon gathered. But the property was sealed by police, forcing Mr Carrascalao to leave several hours later.

The eviction order was issued by the Land and Property Directorate of the Department of Justice on the grounds that the Indonesian Government had expropriated the house from its original Portuguese owner after the 1975 invasion.

Justice Minister Comments on Carrascalao Eviction 23/07/2006The Minister of Justice, Mr Domingos Sarmento, yesterday said that law is paramount and every one should obey it, including Mr Mario Carrascalao. He said Mr Carrascalao should abide by the Law of Land and Property. (This is a continuation of a series of reports on Mr Mario Carrascalao's case whereby Mr Carrascalao is fighting what he says is an unfair eviction).

Carrascalao Threatens to Leave East Timor if Government Proceeds with Eviction Suara Timor Lorosa'e 22/07/2003 - Suara Timor Lorosae reported that the President of the Social Democratic Party, Mr Mario Viegas Carrascalao, yesterday said that he would leave Timor-Leste if the Government evicted him from his home.

"I will leave Timor-Leste if the Government evict me, I don't have money to build a new house. For me it doesn't a matter to live in Timor-Leste or abroad, but what I am thinking is about the ordinary people if they are evicted where do they go?" said Mr Carrascalao. Mr Carrascalao said that he will abide by the Court's decision regarding the status of the house he is living in; ie whether it belongs to the State or is a private home.

The Case of Carrascalao's House: More Political Than Legal Suara Timor Lorosa'e 22/07/2003 The Director of East Timor Study Group said on Monday that the attempt to evict Mario Carrascalao from the house where he lives is more of a political than legal case. Joao Saldanha argued that the situation is a test case for the Government, adding that the government is applying the eviction starting with its opposition.

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