02 April 2013

Report on land dispute heard in Baucau District Court 6 February 2012

Land dispute, Case No. 12/Civ.PI/2012/TDB.

Baucau District Court
Judge composition : Single
Judge: Afonso Carmona
Lawyers for the plaintiff : Lino Lopes and Marçal Guterres
Lawyer for the respondent : Sérgio Paulo Dias Quintas

Conclusion: Ongoing

This matter was tried on 6 February 2013 in order to attempt to reach an amicable settlement. The case was registered with the court as Case No. 12/Civ.PI/2012/TDB.

This case involved Manuel Dos Santos Cabral as the plaintiff and Marçal Lequidara as the respondent. The dispute occurred in 2011 in Baucau.

Attempts to reach a peaceful settlement were unsuccessful. The respondent stated that he had tried many times to reconcile, however the plaintiff refused, therefore the respondent requested for the court to proceed with the trial.

At the request of the respondent the court will issue a record of the hearing and then set a date to continue the trial.

Source: JSMP Press Release 2/04/2013 Summary of the trial process at the Baucau District Court Period: February 2013. Edited by Warren L. Wright

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