30 June 2012

Status of properties must be resolved quickly, says Prime Minister

Editor's Note: From a Media Release by the then Prime Minister Jose Ramos Horta in 2006

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF TIMOR-LESTE OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER MEDIA RELEASE Dili, November 13 2006 - The status of three prominent buildings in Dili needs to be resolved quickly so that decisions can be made regarding their redevelopment and refurbishment, Prime Minister Dr José Ramos-Horta said today.

“If Timor-Leste expects to attract investment then security of property title is crucial to give investors – both local and international – the confidence to spend their money,” Dr Ramos-Horta said.

“These three buildings have essentially been in ‘limbo’ for too long. The SAPT, ACAIT and Chinese Association buildings all have gone through phases where rent has been paid and then it has stopped being paid, and of course the end result is the redevelopment and beautification of Dili suffers because of this.

“Dili suffers because these beautifully-located properties are not developed and made more attractive. When their status has been resolved once and for all then people will have the confidence to upgrade the buildings accordingly.”

The Prime Minister has instructed the Department of Land and Property to make determinations on the status of the three buildings by the end of this week.

“The department is working hard and diligently to process a large number of difficult decisions,” Dr Ramos-Horta said.

“But discussions and decisions about these three buildings have been going on for far too long and it is time for a resolution.”

The SAPT building complex is on the northern side of Dili near the ANZ Bank. The ACAIT building faces the Palacio do Governo in the heart of the city and the Chinese Association Building is located on the waterfront.

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