30 June 2012

Conflict Left Property Damaged And Burnt (from 2006 Crisis reports)

Source: UNMIT Daily Media Review 31 January 2007 - Following the recent violence, on Monday three small shops and a house was burnt in Bairro Pite around 23 hrs, reported STL today. According to this daily, it is not yet known which groups are involved in the destruction and whether it is related to martial arts groups. The house set on fire belonged to Joaquim Pereira who according to an eyewitness is a member of PSHT but gets on well with the neighbourhood.

The fire spread from Joaquim's house to the three kiosks. Joaquim told STL he is not sure why his house was targeted because he has not made enemies with anyone. He said his house was set on fire following a gun shot in Maloa Bridge and the people involved fled the scene when police arrived. Timor Post reported that five people sought medical assistance at the national hospital on Monday evening from the same area but none were in serious condition. (STL, TP)*

*STL: Suara Timor Lorosae; TP: Timor Post

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