13 August 2013

Crime of occupying a residence case heard in Dili District Court

Crime of occupying a residence – Case No.240/C.Ord/2012/TDD

Composition of judges: Single

Judge: Antonino Gonçalves

Public Prosecutor: Glória Alves

Public Defender:  Manuel Amaral (trainee)

Conclusion: Ordered to pay a fine of US$ 90

On 25 June 2013 the Dili District Court ordered the defendant JM to pay a fine of US$90 to be paid in installments of US$ 1 per day for 90 days.If the defendant fails to pay the fine, the defendant will be imprisoned for 60 days.

The defendant committed the crime against the victim FT who was the owner of the residence and this case allegedly occurred on 10 September 2006 in Dili.

The court found that the victim was living in the house that was being disputed by the two parties. In May 2006 the victim left the house and went to Hera because the situation was out of control. In September 2006 the defendant occupied and repaired the house.

When the situation returned to normal the victim returned to Dili to live in his home, however the defendant had already occupied his house. The defendant was willing to leave the house if the victim gave him US$ 3,000. However the victim stated that he did not have any money. Therefore, the defendant continued to live in the house until the court found in favor of the victim. Source: JSMP Case Summary Dili District Court June 2013

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