07 April 2012

Ministry of Justice Publishes Cadastral Map

Tue. January 24, 11:30h - The Ministry of Justice published the cadastral map in the subdistrict of Maliana, Bobonaro district, on January 4, 2012, after completing the program in the three districts of Liquica, Manatuto and Ainaro.

The law is in the National Parliament for approval and regulates three key issues: land disputes, protection of community land and public declaration of ownership of land.

"So I ask the community not to sell the land. It is better to lease, and so your children can also enjoy the property", the Minister of Justice appealed to the population.

Lucia Lobato also explained that "with regard to land disputes, we have maintained the rules set during the Portuguese administration.

However, the law that is in the National Parliament for approval states that the certificates of the Portuguese period, as the license and official bulletin, and certificates of Indonesian occupation will not be the sole proof. One will be owner of land who is occupying it under the terms defined by the law, as long as he/she justifies the occupation with the required documents".

The publication of the map took place in only five sucos of the Maliana sub-district that are within the area of data collection.

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