21 September 2016

Land and Property Fiscal Database Project Approved by East Timor Council of Ministers

From East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin 21 September 2016 Source: Government of East Timor Press Release 13 September 2016 DILI Council of Ministers meeting of September 13th , 2016  - The Council of Ministers met on Tuesday at the Government Palace in Dili, and was updated on the status of the National Registry System project, managed by the GMN-H/ARM-APPRIZE consortium and under the authority of the Minister of State, Coordinator of State Administration Affairs and Justice and Minister of State Administration, in coordination with the Secretary of State for Land and Property.

The project, initiated in 2014, includes the survey and cadastral mapping of the territory, the establishment of a computerised database of registration and the creation of a system of property valuation for tax purposes, with the aim of supporting the implementation of a set of clear and fair rules in regulating the mechanisms of property ownership and transfer.